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Nonton Film Sausage Party (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Rating : 6.6/10 (45.968 votes)
Released :
Category : adventure, animation, comedy, fantasy, usa
Trailer : Sausage Party
Duration : 89 min
Director : Greg Tiernan
Staring : Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Alistair Abell
Tag : , , , ,
Synopsys : Sausage Party - The products at Shopwell\'s Grocery Store are made to believe a code that helps them live happy lives until it\'s time for them to leave the comfort of the supermarket and head for the great beyond. However, after a botched trip to the great beyond leaves one sausage named Frank and his companion Bun stranded, Frank goes to great lengths (pun intended) to return to his package and make another trip to the great beyond. But as Frank\'s journey takes him from one end of the supermarket to the other, Frank\'s quest to discover the truth about his existence as a sausage turns incredibly dark. Can he expose the truth to the rest of the supermarket and get his fellow products to rebel against their human masters?

Category Post : adventure, animation, comedy, fantasy, usa

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